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Our Values

At Veritas Land we use our highly experienced planning and design team to ensure that all of our sites are designed and developed to an exceptionally high quality. We ensure that we can contribute towards and enhance both the existing and emerging built environment through high quality architecture and sensitive design to enhance the emerging built environment. This is combined with our excellent working relationships with a variety of property agencies and landowners across the South of England, including Greater London. 

Community engagement 

We understand the importance of working with local communities to achieve appropriate developments which respect the interests of nearby residents, businesses and amenity societies.

We adopt a ‘community-first’ approach in our work, allowing local stakeholders to have a say in the development process from an early stage. We encourage local communities to provide feedback on our proposals and endeavour to incorporate the responses we receive into our plans where possible.

Our commitment to undertaking thorough consultation is reflected in the character of our schemes. We aim to continue our track record of community partnerships in the future for developments of all types and scales.


We believe that high quality architecture and sensitive design can contribute towards and enhance both the existing and emerging built environments. We focus on assembling a design team of highly skilled individuals within their respective fields and always crown the team with a signature architect. Together we work with the architect and design team to create truly exceptional places for people to live. This ensures the existing residents and surrounding properties are safeguarded against unsympathetic development.


Environmental responsibility is integral to all our projects. We take a fabric first approach to energy conservation, ensuring a well insulated and air-tight building to minimise the need for gas and electricity. We then use renewable technologies, such as Solar Photovoltaics to meet and surpass local planning targets on carbon emissions.


On a wider sustainability level, we consider water conservation through our detailed specification, use responsibly sourced materials that have a low environmental impact, minimise surface water run-off, minimise on-site waste and create sustainable healthy spaces for the occupants.

Corporate responsibility is about the impact an organisation makes on society, the environment and the economy.


We aim to contribute to societal goals by supporting Bounce Back.

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